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~ Open Heart Yoga ~ 

Yoga & Wellness Center in Orefield, Pa.

Yoga and Wellness Services in Orefield, PA


Nurture yourself in a safe, non-competitive atmosphere of mindful self-discovery and awareness.

For the beginner to advanced yoga practitioner, diverse lineage (Kripalu, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Viniyoga) of training brings precision and modifications to meet your individual needs.

**See schedule above and descriptions for class sign up information.**

Private Therapeutic Yoga is also available by appointment to fine-tune and work with special needs.


Health & Nutrition Coaching -

Making the changes necessary to support your health can be challenging and making these changes last, can be even more difficult.

No one diet or lifestyle works for everyone, so together we explore the food and lifestyle changes needed to get you to your optimal health and wellness goal.

Thai Massage -

Also known as, Thai Yoga Body Work, this is an ancient holistic therapy that seeks to restore inner harmony using rhythmic compression along the body's energy channels. Passive yoga postures and breath work is also used.

Together these actions increase flexibility, range of motion, improved circulation, balanced vital energy - all resulting in a deep state of relaxation, rejuvenation and peace.

Ayurveda Services

Abhyanga and Garshana -

This is an ancient treatment featuring a dry lymphatic skin brushing using silk gloves, followed by an individualized herbal oil treatment.

Brushing increases circulation and opens the pores so the warm oil can penetrate deeply. Subtle channels and systems are stimulated through Marma Points on the body. Impurities are removed, lymph system is stimulated, skin is nourished and the mind and body become relaxed - promoting overall health and wellness.


A meditative and relaxing treatment in which a soothing stream of warm oil is cured over the forehead and onto the "3rd eye" or Sixth Chakra. This is known as the intuitive energetic center in yoga.

This treatment is profoundly relaxing as it calms the central nervous system, heightens the senses and integrates body/mind.


Offering a variety of group classes and workshops that enhance your health and further your understanding of complementary wellness practices.

 Check Events/Workshop above for more information