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~ Open Heart Yoga ~ 

Yoga & Wellness Center in Orefield, Pa.

I love Open Heart Yoga. It has taught me to breathe again and to learn about myself. I am learning to have inner peace.       Stella B.

Erin is a wonderful teacher and is great at modifying postures for those with a physical issue. Carol F.

I have experienced close to 40 yrs of body work and massage. This Indian warm oil massage is so very nurturing and healing, especially when a conscious therapist is working on you. A beautiful, relaxing total body experience!! Loved it!!     Susan S.

Erin’s greatest asset is her genuine interest in each individual. This unconditional care, combined with her kind, gentle spirit, separates her from other health coaches. It is a privilege to work with her and I am forever grateful.    Debbie L.

Not being a self starter, I needed assistance in knowing what to do and being accountable to someone other than myself. I had quite a bit of knowledge but wasn’t over the years able to get started or sustain any program. Erin not only provided a lot of information but with compassion, understanding and a sense of humor that is refreshing when trying to break habits of long standing.      Karen F

Open Heart Yoga & Wellness Center

Orefield Medical Center, 5074 Kernsville Road, P.O. Box 163, Orefield, PA., 18069

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