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~ Open Heart Yoga ~ 

Yoga & Wellness Center in Orefield, Pa.

Looking for schedule? Click on Yoga above and then schedule.

Yoga Class Levels

Level One:

Soothing sequence of basic postures with concentration on alignment, breath, and relaxation. For beginners and those who want to reinforce the basics.

Mixed Level:

A blend of gentle movement, variations of basic postures with explorations of more challenging postures, breathing and relaxation skills. Tailored to various levels of proficiency to meet students’ needs. Some experience of yoga for this class.


Explore classic postures, variations, deeper holds, pranayama and meditation. This class is recommended for those with previous yoga experience.

Ahhh Gentle Yoga:

Slow, gentle, restorative postures with long relaxation. A great way to end the week or begin the weekend.

Chair Yoga:

Seated, standing, and prone postures will be explored with the aid of a chair. For those who due to injury, age, weight challenges, or limited balance find it difficult to get up or down from the floor.


Specific classes designed to address common ailments such as, high blood pressure, low back pain, heart disease.

September at The Grove

4 week class session for the month

pre-pay $56.00

To Pay Per Class

Come when you want if space is available - sign up on to choose a particular class. Put your name and information will be prompted...easy. Use this link:

Bring to each class 



If You sign up/per class on www. please don't cancel that day as it prohibited someone else from attending. Thank you!


I look forward to sharing the ancient teachings of yoga and practice with you!

Student Information

  • For your safety, fill in a current HEALTH INFORMATION FORM (at studio)
  • Inform your teacher if you have any health concerns or changes in your health
  • Empty belly and and open mind helps when taking a class
  • Arrive a few minutes early to settle yourself
  • Please refrain from wearing perfume or heavily-scented lotions
  • Starting mid-series costs will be pro-rated
  • Non-refundable missed classes